Juujika No Rokunin

Juujika No Rokunin

Manga Info :

I found this while looking for a new horror manga to try, and the first chapter drew me in. It appeared to be setting up a compelling revenge story based around complex characters in a morally grey world.

My first impression was wrong. This is not horror, it’s torture porn. The issue is not the violence and gore, I can enjoy that when the story calls for extreme imagery. The issue is every plot development unfolding in an incredibly contrived way to put a character in a situation where they are about to be raped or tortured. Events never unfold in a logical or interesting way, characters just teleport around to the next place where they can star in an extended torture sequence that usually takes up an entire chapter or even two before returning to the actual plot.


Basically a bunch of psychotic kids bully another kid (protagonist). All the characters need mental help. Literally, no one is normal in the manga.

Protagonist goes out to get revenge. I honestly think this will be worthwhile to read.

I’m all for revenge and brutality.

So far, none of the characters are memorable except the bully leader and the protagonist. So im looking forward to see families going into ruin and the revenge thats gonna take place.

Mentally prepare yourself cause this manga is gonna be gory and hard to read because every character is messed up and the torture is AMAZING


About Juujika No Rokunin

Labeled "Experiment A" by five of his classmates and tortured throughout sixth grade, Shun Uruma hung on by a thread. When his bullies targeted his family, leaving him with nobody but his grandfather, it was the final straw—Uruma had suffered enough. Determined to get back at his enemies, Uruma begged his grandfather, a WWII veteran, to guide him through the path of vengeance.

Four years later, Uruma completes his intense training and embarks on a brutal journey of torture and retribution to hunt down the five monsters who made his school life a living hell.

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